Peregian Beach

Peregian Beach is a beach and small seaside town on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is a suburb split between two local government areas with the eastern coastal in the Shire of Noosa and the western hinterland part in the Sunshine Coast Region. (Between 2008 and 2013 Peregian Beach was entirely within Sunshine Coast Region). In the 2011 census, Peregian Beach had a population of 3,531 people.


Peregian is an Aboriginal word for emu.

During World War II, Peregian Beach ,Sunshine Beach and surrounding areas were used for artillery training. Current residents occasionally discover artillery shells and unexploded ordnance on their land. On making such discoveries, residents should call the police who will arrange for inspection and, if required, safe disposal.


Peregian Beach within the Sunshine Coast Region comprises continual residential development along the eastern coastal strip of sandy beaches. The David Low Way passes north to south through this area. Development to the west is constrained by Noosa National Park.

Peregian Beach within the Shire of Noosa is further west, bounded on the north by Lake Weyba and to the east by Noosa National Park and Murdering Creek. Its south-western boundary roughly follows Emu Mountain Road. This area is only sparsely settled.


There is a village style shopping precinct and a surf club, bowls club, and hotel. The local skate park is popular amongst skaters in the region, but can be prone to short periods of flash flooding in the wet season.

The town of Peregian Beach has recently been given an upgrade, with a new shopping precinct including several new restaurants, a medical centre, and assorted shops. Several other shops have recently been renovated.


Peregian Originals is a popular community event held on the second Sunday of each month in the park beside the Surf Club showcasing original live music.

Peregian Markets is a popular community event held on the first and third Sunday of each month in the park on the beachside of the Surf Club which helps raise money for the local club.

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