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Things to Consider When Selling..

Don’t Hire an Agent You Don’t TRUST!

The most important ingredient in any relationship, business or personal, is trust. Before you choose your agent ask many questions, check references, insist on a GUARANTEE, test their negotiating skills and ask yourself a BIG question:

Do I feel comfortable with this person handling the sale of my family home? If your answer is ‘NO’, do not hire the agent.

Closed Agent
Closed Agents lose buyers. Make sure the agency you choose is open seven days. Many agents work “9 to 5” and close Sundays. You need an agent who is available to buyers. Weekends are especially important. You never know when the perfect buyer will come along. And that buyer will buy from an agent who is open. The best agents offer a 7 day service. They are always prepared to work on your behalf.

While specific advertising accounts for less than 60% of sales, care should be taken as to the message that is portrayed to the market. Using the same photo and text repeatedly, week after week, can give the perception that the property is unwanted or “stale”. Advertising and sign headings such as “Owner committed elsewhere” or “Desperate to Sell” or “Owner wants Out” should be avoided as this discloses the owners motivation to sell and encourages even the best buyer to submit low offers. Advertising is a powerful tool that used correctly can create urgency in new and existing buyers alike and portray a sense of perceived value.

For Sale Sign
A sign says you are genuine about selling. It is tempting to tell the whole story on a signboard through multiple photos, text and floor plans. It is important that only enough information is given to tempt a prospective buyer to make an enquiry about the property as a real estate sales person is the best person to qualify your buyers. A large photo sign with the right choice of photos depicting features not visible from the street can entice the ideal buyer.

Avoid the High Quote Trap
Choosing an agent based solely on a high quoted price and a low commission rate can be a dreadful mistake. Agents who offer low commissions can be poor negotiators. You are hiring an agent to negotiate the best market price for your home. Take the time to ‘check out’ the agent. A little research can mean BIG savings for you. Once you have signed up with an agent you may be horrified at the things the agent says and does when handling the sale of your home. Many agents openly encourage buyers to offer lower prices. Many agents reveal confidential information about sellers, such as “These people have already bought.” If you have a pressing personal reason for selling e.g. illness, divorce, financial commitments, the agent may tell buyers about your reason. This really weakens your position. At Ray White your situation is always confidential.

Rejecting Early Buyers
It can be a big mistake to reject early buyers for your home. Many sellers have discovered, from bitter experience that the buyers they rejected when their home was first placed for sale were the buyers prepared to pay the highest price. An efficient agent will have a `bank’ of buyers waiting. The agent will select the best buyers and bring them to your home. This can be your best chance to get the best price. You may even get the full asking price (or more) in the first few days. If the early price enables you to achieve your goals, you should strongly consider selling sooner rather than later at a price which is likely to be much lower. The hallmark of an efficient agent is one who can find the best buyer willing to pay the best price in the shortest time and with the least cost to you.

In short it is imperative you select the right agent to represent you in the sale of you home. Call Dave Williams for a chat today on 0488 88 4573. Your Peregian Property Specialist.

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