Alison and Mark

A testimonial from Alison and Mark after we exceeded their expections getting a record price for their property.


We would like to write and personally thank Dave Williams for all the time and effort he put into selling our home.
My husband is the great sceptic and Dave won him over with his friendliness and his abilty to sit down for a hour on two occassions and explain everything. It was this time and effort that won him over.

Dave is a such a happy character and it was always a pleasure to speak and meet with him.
We had full faith in him to sell our home, but more importantly he had faith in us in the fact that he belived in the price we were asking and he acheieved that for us. Infact, our sale broke the record for the street!

I couldn’t recomend Ray White enough!
I couldn’t recomend Dave Williams enough!

If it is a honest caring friendly Real eastate agent that someone is looking for, then I’d tell them to give Dave a call.

Many Thanks to you Dave. You made selling our home so stress free and smooth we could hardly beleive it.
One minute it was for sale, the next it was sold.

Congratulations to you. I am sure you will go far in life and be a great success!

Alison and Mark

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