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Finding the right property for you and your family can oftern be a long and strenuos task. I have had clients before who have looked at hunderds of homes over several years before they have found the ideal one for them, and I have had clients who have fallen in love with the first home they see. The best advice I can give a buyer looking for a home is that if you find a home that suits your family, feels right and that you fall in love with, buy it! Don’t wait for someone else to as you may not find another that ticks all of your box’s. I have also put together some things you should think about when looking for the right home for you below. let me know if you have any other questions, or even better, make sure you sign up to the Email alerts though this website.

Location, Style and Size
In choosing the right home there are several factors you need to consider, including:

Location: preferred suburbs and access to schools, work amenities , etc.

Style and size of home: unit, house, duplex and family needs
In deciding on a location, as a local resident Dave knows the Shire extremely well and is also aware of any proposed changes in the area that are likely to affect your investment. However, you should consider factors such as distance from your place of work, nearby educational facilities, availability of recreational facilities, the local town-planning scheme, and the development potential of the land.

When determining the style and size of your home, consider your basic needs, for example:

1. Garage or carport requirements

2. An extensive garden or easy care surrounds

3. Family living areas: games room, bedrooms etc.

4. Inside and outside entertaining areas

5. Capacity to extend.

The research that you may care to undertake includes obtaining a copy of the Certificate of Title. This will inform you of any encumbrances that may affect your use of the land or strata entitlement. It is surely important to discuss your plans and further options with a quality conveyancer. If you are looking for a quality conveyancer, Dave has dealt with most located on the Sunshine Coast and would be happy to discuss who is the best value and most diligent. Give him a call, 0488 88 4573.

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